Wedding Reviews

"April captured the true essence of our day from the tenderness of our wedding vows to the boogie on the dance floor. April and Josh were very unobtrusive. We didn't want the traditional posed session, but had to have some for the family and she made it run smoothly. She was great at orchestrating the shots and communicating with the DJ to keep the party rolling. April is a very friendly, likable person to begin with so her very nature puts you at ease. We had several meetings ahead of time so that everything was laid out and we both knew what to expect. She has good communication and is prepared so that makes the day just right. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer that is easy to work with."

- Serena and Darren

"April was amazing! She even helped me get ready for my ceremony when I asked her to! Our wedding chapel was EXTREMELY small and her staff made a specific plan on how they would get the best photos of me walking down the aisle without them actually being in the way. I was so impressed with the shots they set up and I couldn't have asked for anyone better! April really wanted to please us and still provide artistic shots that we were looking for. She made sure to get the specific photos we asked for, but she also went for the more "journalistic" style that I was looking for. She offers numerous varieties of photography styles so everyone can enjoy the great quality of work she does. I loved the photos of the wedding ceremony and the moments following our ceremony. Her staff captured all of the moments you are too distracted to take note of during your wedding so you can look back and really reflect on how lovely your wedding day truly was."

-Beckie and Kevin

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful that you could celebrate our wedding day with us. The photos are absolutely stunning and there is no way I can appropriately express my thanks, April, for your dedication to making that happen."

- Holly and Steve

"Thank you so much for being our photographer at our wedding! I don’t think I can thank you enough for all the wonderful pictures that you took for us on our special day. It is just so hard to pick out a good one when they are all just so MAGNIFICENT!"

-Jaimie and Jeff

"April thank you so much for doing such an awesome job at our wedding. We appreciate your hard work. The pictures are awesome! I love them all. Thank you!"

-The Bollmans

“We are sooo happy we hired you as our photographer! Your work is fantastic!”

-Katie and Ravi

“Wow, the pictures are AMAZING!!!! I'm so happy with them, I absolutely love them! Thank you so much April -- they came out so great. You truly captured every moment - I'm thrilled!”

-Kathy and Matt

“The pictures are awesome April!! We are really pleased with them.”

-Bianca and James

“The pictures are amazing! You did such a great job of capturing the day.”

-Jackie (Mother of Bride)

“I don't think I ever officially thanked you for our photo session on Friday. I was nervous almost the entire time, yes, but looking back it was a good experience. While we were driving home we totally agreed how happy we were to have picked you as our photographer. We liked how down-to-earth you are and are looking forward to hanging out with you at the wedding, both as a photographer and as a friend.”

-Lizzy and Matt

“Thanks April! The pictures are beautiful!”


“Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! You did a great job and I really appreciate having you as our wedding photographer!”


“Dear April and Josh, WOW!!! You did an incredible job! We can not thank you enough for the beautiful work you did and how you managed to not only capture US, but all the incredible people who are SO important to us and so much a part of our lives and our marriage. Thank you both so very much. I can't stop smiling when I look at these photos and we can't wait to share them with the many people who were there with us on our wedding day. Thank you both again and again!”

-Hillary and Billy

“Wow!! The album looks awesome I love it! Everything looks perfect.”

-Jennifer and Trevor

“The photos are wonderful!! You took some very beautiful pictures.”

-Janice and Ish

“Mike and I want to thank you for doing such a great job at our wedding. Our guests really felt comfortable with you, and a number of them even told us how they wished they would have had a photographer like you shooting their own wedding. Thanks for making everyone (especially Mike and I!) feel at ease.”

-Christine and Mike

“Thank you so much. It was so great re-living our wedding through all of your pictures. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to keepsake our memories.”

-Brandi and Mike

“We absolutely LOVE our photographs and so do my parents. You and Josh did excellent work, we just couldn't be more pleased!! As a friend of mine said after viewing them, ‘..What a wonderful photographer you had. She relived the entire event. I could just follow it all the way thru.’ So, that says it all.”

-Terri and David

“Thanks for all of your hard work on game day! You guys were perfect.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful memories of our special day. Katie and I are both very happy with the shots.”

-Jacque (Mother of Bride)

“The pictures.... are amazing...”


“I saw that my wedding pictures are online. Yay! I have looked at them all at least ten times already. I love them! Thank You!”


“April, Thank you again for everything. We really appreciate it, everything went better than we ever could have imagined. I just wanted to let you know that Sky and I loved you guys, and we were very happy with everything. It seemed as though you really listened to us and accomplished what we wanted. We couldn't have been happier. We definitely have the best to say about you and what you do.”

-Amanda and Sky

“Thank you so much for all of the work you put into those pictures. You and Josh did a fantastic job!”


“Hi April! I got the pictures and the cds last night! They are even better than I ever imagined. That you and Josh so much for the beautiful work you did! I am so fortunate to have found you. My only regret is that I don't know anyone getting married to refer them to you...but when I do, you'll be the first! You guys are really great!!”


"The pictures are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much!!!"

-Derek and Sara

"The pictures are beautiful!!!"

-Stacie and Joe

"Thank you so much for shooting Ash and Jimmy's wedding. You were wonderful and very patient with our family :)."

-Joanne (Mother of Bride)

"Thank you April - My wedding went by so fast I only remember it as a blur, I am so thankful for your talented services to capture such beautiful moments. I loved your genuine willingness to help! We loved you! We recommend you to everyone! Love, The Schulers"

-Lucrezia and Brent

"We're so thrilled with the pictures! From the pictures of me/Rich to the pictures of the families to the pictures of the night sky and more and more, we're especially pleased! I want you to know that I totally love the photos! Thanks for doing a great job!"

-Dale and Rich

Thank you, I love them!!!!

-Jessica and Ben