CA, AZ, AR Road Trip [Travel Photography]

Posted by April Wise | February 2013

It was time for another visit to see my family this year. So I decided to drive out with my dog for Christmas. This time I took Hwy 10 through Tucson, AZ and picked up my brother and his wife in Austin, TX. Within a few days we had a blizzard in AR....really the news said it was a real blizzard because of the wind speed. I spent Christmas night with my grandparents but ended up driving to my sisters the next morning because they had no electricity. After what turned out to be a very stressful trip I took my brother and sister-in-law back to Austin and headed home. Coming through NM and AZ I hit a little more snow and got super scared. Then something really weird happened...a guy was roller skating on the side of the 10 in a snow storm. I couldn't make this stuff up! Back in Southern CA I hit the outside of Joshua Tree National Forest before heading to my BFF's house for some well needed rest. Somehow I managed to not take a single pic of a Joshua Tree.