Barcelona, Spain [Travel Photography]

Posted by April Wise | June 2013

The final few days of my vacation were spent in Barcelona. From a vacation standpoint this was not my favorite city. Probably because our hotel was right on the main street, La Rumbla. However, from a photography standpoint I felt like I'd struck gold. While waiting in line for our flight from Rome to Barcelona, Andrew and I met a very nice man from Barcelona. If you've ever flown RyanAir you know that the wait is very long. We had a lot of time to talk and Andrew ended up exchanging numbers with our new friend. On Saturday he came and took us on a walking tour of the older part of Barcelona. It was so awesome. After we walked alllll the way to La Sagrada Familia and then went back to our hotel to crash. I mapped it out and we walked about 8 miles total that day.