Big Sur, CA [Travel Photography]

Posted by April Wise | January 2012

This Christmas day I took a drive down the coast to Big Sur with my dog. I had never been to this part of the coast and wanted to take a much needed mini-road trip for some photography during my break from school and work. The day was very beautiful. I started at the Pfeiffer Beach trail and walked down to see the waterfall, coastline, and McWay Waterfall House. Afterwards we walked down to another trail which took us out to a rocky beach. This was a quiet trail with very few hikers, so I was able to take my dog. I was a little annoyed that most of the trails in Big Sur do not allow dogs, even on leash. After this short hike and photos of the beach and adjoining creek, I took a short drive back to Bixby Bridge before heading home. So this is where I did something stupid. I walked out on the cliff side of the road to get a better view of the bridge. While taking several frames I started to slip because I had decided to change out of my hiking shoes and into sandels for the ride back. After that quick scary jolt I took myself to the other side of the road to see the much safer east side of the bridge.