Victoria & Tim [Arroyo Grande Wedding Photography]

Posted by April Wise | July 2011

Victoria and Tim had their very special wedding day at their home in Arroyo Grande. There was a lot of originality going on in the wedding, a black wedding dress being most obvious. In addition to that their was a long-horn bull, rock-n-roll processional and a best friend skyped in from England. Also it was probably the sweetest wedding I've ever I mean literally! They had a chocolate fountain, cotton candy, smoores, italian ice, and a wedding cake. One of my favorite parts was the garter toss. Because they met on eHarmony they attached $30 onto the garter as a "pay-it-forward" so that whoever caught the garter could join the site. It was a very fun idea. Sarah Angelique did a great job keep everything organized and on-track. I also got to work with DJ Mike from AMS and Jack Hutchinson on video, both for the first time. They both did an excellent job!