ARTIST BIO: April Wise was born in Little Rock, AR in 1979. She received a degree in Photographic Imaging from Richland College, Dallas, TX in 2002. April has a traditional training in black & white film photography and development. She currently employs digital photography and printing techniques. April’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Texas and California. She has also been featured in several publications in California. April Wise currently resides in Berkeley, CA.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I’ve always been torn between the worlds of science and art. I began my photographic career as a biology major in college. I have a huge passion for nature and environmental protection. I found my way into the photography department, as it was the shortest route to the parking lot from my new chemistry class. As I was walking through the hall, I was drawn to the images on the display board. I thought photography would be a good skill for a field biologist. Since I first saw the images by Edward Weston, I had an interest in photography but had never had the means to pursue this interest. Little did I know within the next semester I would drop all other classes, spend all my free time in the darkroom, and live from the vending machine to avoid leaving school. I had found my true passion. Photography was the one thing that appealed to my love of art and curiosity for science. It inspired my entire being, challenge me, and changed the entire plan I had laid out for my life. I still approach my photography with the same love, curiosity, and sense of adventure. My photography is a reflection of my explorations of the world around me. I employ traditional shooting technique and purist development with modern digital equipment.


April Wise
Born June 21, 1979, Little Rock, AR
Currently lives and works in Berkeley, CA

April Wise is a fine art and commercial photographer, working primarily in digital photography.

Richland College, AA Photographic Imaging, 2002
Studied under: Wayne Loucas, Head of Photographic/Imaging

Brandman University, BA Business Marketing 2013

2010 Kids Photography Project, SLO Children’s Museum, CA (Exhibitor & Curator)
2009 Solo Exhibition, The Porch, Santa Margarita, CA
2002 Richland College Photo/Imaging Exhibit, Dallas, TX

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Private Collection, San Luis Obispo, CA
Private Collection, San Francisco, CA
Private Collection, San Jose, CA

Commercial Projects
2015 Jewish Community Center Brazilian Event, San Francisco, CA
2014 Women’s Initiative for Self Employment Website Redesign, Oakland, CA
2013 Blarney at the Beach Irish Music Festival, Avila Beach, CA
2010/2011 Coastal Dance and Music Academy - Babes in Toyland, Arroyo Grande, CA
2010/2011 All Out Events SLO - Mud Run, San Luis Obispo, CA
2010 Reggae Music Festival, Avila Beach, CA
2010 Embodiment Human CanvasSan Luis Obispo, CA 
2010 Central Coast Fashion Week, San Luis Obispo, CA
2010 Central Coast Songwriters, San Luis Obispo, CA
2009 California Fight Syndicate, Santa Barbara, CA